Jon Simpson

Catching Up

9 May 2005 — macosx, programming, php, blogging

An entry to bring this weblog back to life… About time.

I finally broke down and ordered Tiger. I read enough about it through Slashdot and several blogs that I decided it would be worth the cash. Apple’s decision to remove the Family (5 licence) pack from the education store was a bit annoying, but the extra outlay and lack of discount are bearable. Can’t wait to play with Spotlight and many of the other cool things (but mainly the improvements to file change notification in the Finder).

The complete absence of any recent entries here is mostly due to 1) first year exams & 2) some pet projects, not sorted by order of time consumed. I’m working on webapps for the first time in a while, and its been strange coming back to PHP from Java. Thinking in OO when your language isn’t entirely capable of handling it can be frustrating at times, but the approach seems to work reasonably well.

Dokuro:~/sites/fp/classes jon$ cat *.php | wc -l

PHP isn’t a great language, but its practical in terms of web application building. The application itself works surprisingly well, and once the development storm is over, I might write about some of the interesting problems it’s posed during development. Its quite an elaborate system, and I intend to pick through it at some point to optimise as far as possible (plenty to do for the summer…) I intend to pick up blogging again after my exams end in June, so I’m hoping there’ll be a more frequent flow of entries here.