Jon Simpson

Comparisons: iBook vs PowerBook

3 Mar 2005 — apple, ibook, powerbook

As I was in the process of moving all of my e-mail, documents and other trivial pieces of data back to the iBook pending the PowerBook’s departure, the large difference between the two hit me. Having gone from the iBook to the PowerBook, I had obviously noticed the improvements that the new system had brought, but I hadn’t directly compared the two. This was mostly due to the iBook being used as an access point for the time being, so it had just been sitting around. Using the iBook for serious tasks after using the PowerBook clearly shows the difference, and they are worlds apart in my opinion. The best way I found to sum it up was the following:

The iBook is a good computer. The PowerBook is a good Mac.

So, here’s to waiting for the PowerBook’s replacement. Hopefully before the end of term? (March 17th).