Jon Simpson

Stage 1 Exam Results

27 Jun 2005 — university, exam results

The results of my summer exams & first year at university came out today, a pretty uneventful process but I was very happy with the outcome. I managed to achieve a Distinction from my first year of CS with a Year in Industry at UKC, and it seems like a good way to round out the year.

The full digest of results is below, not extremely interesting but there you go.

Module Cwk Exam Overall
CB302 Managers & Organisations 88% 72% 77%
CO320 Introduction to Object-oriented Programming 99% 97% 98%
CO321 Information Systems 81% 76% 79%
CO322 Foundations of Computing I 87% 76% 79%
CO324 Computer Systems 75% 98% 93%
CO325 Foundations of Computing II 86% 55% 64%
CO326 Functional Programming 84% 94% 92%
CO520 Further Object-Oriented Programming 91% 76% 81%

Hopefully I can continue into the second year in a similar kind of way and hope to achieve similar success again next year. Time to enjoy the remaining 3 months of summer vacation and prepareā€¦