Jon Simpson

Lack of s-video port on MacBook

26 Jan 2006 — apple, macbook

Amongst other things, the s-video port got lost from the new MacBook. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the replacement is an adapter to go from DVI to s-video. If you happen to have a Powerbook around, you may wish to plug in both the s-video and DVI out simultaneously and observe the results. I managed to thoroughly confuse my graphics chipset as to what it was meant to be driving at what resolution whilst having both plugged in (disappointing, as I’d expected a 3rd desktop to appear in Display Preferences).

The adapter seems to ‘solve’ this problem by making the DVI out and s-video mutually exclusive, at the expense of convenient access to the port. It’s at least a possible explanation for the lack of s-video, although I’d have preferred to see proper support for all outputs at once enabled on graphics chipsets…