Jon Simpson

Occam Mode for SubEthaEdit

26 Jan 2006 — subethaedit, occam-pi

Release 0.1 of an Occam mode for the great Mac OS X text editor SubEthaEdit. This is my first stab at the mode, so there are probably missing keywords and weirdness when the syntax gets complex. However, it seems to work reasonably well on most code I’ve thrown at it so far. The mode also lets SubEthaEdit know about PROC’s for the symbol table, so you can navigate source files with the selector at the top (useful alternative to a folding editor…)

Download: occam-seemode-0.1.tar.gz

To use, unpack the .tar.gz and put the Occam.mode bundle in ~/Library/Application\ Support/SubEthaEdit/Modes/

Tested on SubEthaEdit v2.2 (1163).