Jon Simpson

Google TechTalk: Concurrent Runtimes and Little Robots

9 Apr 2007 — google techtalk, occam-pi, robotics

As part of the Transterpreter California roadshow, Matt, Christian and I gave a Google TechTalk on Thursday 29th March. We started out with background and an introduction to the occam-pi language, a coverage of parallel models and then progressed to cover the application work from my CPA 2006 paper, Robot Control using the Subsumption Architecture.

The talk was pretty stressful coming directly after the AAAI Symposium earlier in the week, but it went smoothly and seemed to go down well with the Googlers present. Having a video artifact to be able to point people at for a brief introduction to the project and the work in general is pretty cool (Google Video Link: Concurrent Runtimes and Little Robots).

All this, along with finding the Google ball pit (essential pilgrimage for all visitors to the Googleplex), and greatly enjoyed the plentiful food on offer made for a very neat couple of days. Many thanks go to both the host Googler for making all things possible and also to Matt & Christian for providing the opportunity to present.