Jon Simpson

mplayer, fontconfig and freetype on Mac OS X

14 Feb 2007 — macosx, mplayer

Since mplayer got decent support for SSA/ASS subtitles, complete with embedded fonts I’d been meaning to check the feature out. Recent subversion builds of mplayer had required an upgrade to freetype 2.2.1 from whatever ancient version Apple ship with OS X 10.4, and after enabling passing -ass -embeddedfonts to the media file, I was slightly disappointed with the result.

A little googling later, and it turns out that upgrading fontconfig from 1.0.1 (4 years old, as shipped with OS X) is probably a good idea when depending on it to work happily with the new freetype and embedded fonts in the MKV file. However, things were not well as the new fontconfig refused to link properly with my new, self-compiled freetype 2.2.1 library. Modifications to freetype files, enabling the correct linker flags to propagate to fontconfig were in order..

For future use, a few relevant pointers, for when I (almost certainly) need to fix this problem again:


Hi Jon I’m trying to compile mplayer under macosx server 10.4.8 but I’m having problem about that could you give me some step by step to install it?

i downloaded MPlayer source code and freetype-2.3.1.tar.gz 31-Jan-2007 08:56 1.6M,being new to those error i do not know how to go on. I was able to install mplayer under macosx 10.4 tiger client

hazzino, 27 Feb 2007

Indeed.. the current svn is giving me problems as well, i’ve sent into the mailing list about it but i’m interested in your interpretation of the current errors the svn is generating as of the time of my posting.

plasmacutter, 24 Mar 2007

ok.. uuhm..

i used this line from a previous guide you wrote to remap some paths, how do i reverse it?

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/X11R6/lib/pkgconfig/"

Alexander Wehr, 24 Mar 2007

You shouldn’t need to ‘reverse’ the export line, as it is only persistent to the terminal you used it in (so if you want rid of its value, you can open a fresh terminal..). You can use the ‘env’ command to check the value of all environment variables in any given terminal (of which PKG_CONFIG_PATH is just one). Hope that helps.

Jon, 04 Apr 2007