Jon Simpson

Press iPad Reviews

2 Apr 2010

Given the press embargo breaking today on the iPad, Apple’s annointed press contacts have their pre-release coverage up - Walt Mossberg at the WSJ, David Pogue at the NYT and Andy Ihnatko at the Chicago Sun-Times being the most prominent. There’s a lot of hyperbole being thrown around at this point, some of which I’m sure is warranted. I’ll be most interested in Gruber and Siracusa’s opinions, once the device is out there come Saturday. Stephen Fry’s review for Time magazine is worth reading just for his prose, although given his access to Jobs and Apple for the piece it feels a little light.

Nice pull quote from the Ihnatko review: > The most compelling sign that Apple got this right is the fact that despite the novelty of the iPad, the excitement slips away after about ten seconds and you’re completely focused on the task at hand… whether it’s reading a book, writing a report, or working on clearing your Inbox

Exactly the same as the iPhone and Apple’s computers - there’s not a huge amount to play with, but they’re great tools for getting to the task at hand.