Jon Simpson

A Native Transterpreter for the LEGO Mindstorms RCX

18 Jul 2007 — mindstorms rcx, transterpreter, publications

A paper describing the implementation of a ‘native’ Transterpreter virtual machine port, to create a first-class occam-pi runtime environment on a commonly available small robotics platform, the LEGO Mindstorms RCX. This paper was presented on July 11th, 2007 at Communicating Process Architectures 2007, University of Surrey, England.


The LEGO Mindstorms RCX is a widely deployed educational robotics platform. This paper presents a concurrent operating environment for the Mindstorms RCX, implemented natively using occam-pi running on the Transterpreter virtual machine. A concurrent hardware abstraction layer aids both the developer of the operating system and facilitates the provision of process-oriented interfaces to the underlying hardware for students and hobbyists interested in small robotics platforms


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